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Sep 11, 2013
So I have a potentially dumb TV question. What’s the deal with calibration settings? If there are more optimum settings, why don’t the sets just ship with them as standard?

I realize people have different viewing areas, but when I see suggested optimal settings they are largely the same, with the exception of bright vs dark rooms settings.
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Sep 11, 2013
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Yeap. Tweaking hdr settings, in-game, has been tedious though.
My picture settings for gaming...

TV brightness: Brighter
Picture mode: Normal
Picture size: Auto

Advanced picture settings:

Picture mode: Normal*(Dark HDR in HDR)
Local contrast: High
Dynamic Contrast: Off
Backlight: 60(MAX in HDR)
Brightness: 50
Contrast: 93
Sharpness: 20
Color: 53
Tint: 0
Color Temperature: Normal
Action Smoothing: Off
Natural Cinema: On
LED Motion Clarity: Off
Game mode: On

Get the Roku app and it's Settings/Expert picture settings menu:

Picture mode: Normal*

Noise reduction: Off
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