Series X and PS5 discussion. Of TFlops and SSDs


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Sep 13, 2013
Interesting. Would you mind linking that again? I'm not seeing it. Edit: I guess you're talking about this video? While looking for that, I found a really cool paper on HRTF from 5 years ago from MSResearch. It's actually pretty interesting, and covers this same stuff, and obviously was hot when they were designing Hololens.

Yes, definitely the distance between the ears is just as, if not more important than the ear shape itself, but both of those together must make for the most realistic binaural immersion due to the nature of each of our own individual acoustic perception.

Since speaker placement (and algorithm) is everything with surround sound, I cannot imagine how this would work for anything but headphones. .. If the goal of a particular case in surround sound is to place a pin drop at 3 o'clock (90° R), how would that pin sound different with a modified, ear-shape DSP? It is just the sound of that pin drop itself that needs to be replicated, not HOW you perceive that sound. Your perception does this part naturally. In order to place that sound there with headphones, yes, a stereo output with an added DSP that accommodates mapping of your personal head/ear shape should be absolutely preferable. Here's another question: if this is for surround sound, what will this sound like to a second person in the room? These facts makes me want to double down on saying that there is just no chance this actually makes any sense for normal surround sound/Stereo output.

Atmos and DTS X will still be top dog for standard 2.0-11.2 channel surround, as they are literally putting sound "objects" in an appropriate virtual location based on your personalized setup/dimensions. It should be noted that both Atmos and DTS X have headphone variants for simulated surround sound, but I don't believe that either has an added a head/ear personalization stage at this point. That's where this HRTF will probably shine.
Precisely! You had the right video too :)
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Sep 11, 2013
It’s all going to depend on what both companies show for games within the next couple of months, as well as the final prices for both systems.

I’m still guessing:

$499 XSX
$399 PS5
$249-$299 Lockhart


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Sep 13, 2013
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I can't imagine the XSX releasing more expensive then the PS5 they'll get destroyed.
Nah, that is what Lockhart is for. It will do everything the Series X will do less the optical disc and it will be 1440p like the Epic Unreal 5 demo. And be $100 less than the PS5.

Well, that is the rumor. With as much as you get in the XSX vs. the PS5, I have to say I am surprised the XSX is only $100 more.


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Sep 11, 2013
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Aug 15, 2014
Xbox fan sites have been much more in the know, or at least guessed right, on the hardware so far leading into launch. PlayStation led media and some actual pretend “journalists” have been wrong throughout and have spinning new narratives largely around a SSD and sound chip now that their initial fact based speculation has been proven incorrect.