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I'm looking to play around with Unity, but it has been so long that I'm completely lost as to how get back in it. Can I use Unity to build assets or do I still need programs like Blender and ZBrush? Does Unity have a built in terrain generator/editor or do I need to import a Bitmap image somewhere in the toolbar options?
I'm looking to play around with Unity, but it has been so long that I'm completely lost as to how get back in it. Can I use Unity to build assets or do I still need programs like Blender and ZBrush? Does Unity have a built in terrain generator/editor or do I need to import a Bitmap image somewhere in the toolbar options?

Blender and Zbrush still to make/build assets, but there is some assets that can use from the asset store for characters models:!/content/13930 , trees and such already can make within unity.

Development of the UMA Package has been sponsored by Unity Technologies so that UMA framework is both free and opensource!


As for terrain there is different ways to make, can build within Unity using the Terrain Editing Tools or using the World Machine:

No game engine I know of that can make 3D asserts but the most basic shapes. You will need a 3D modeling package. Blender is free, so there is no financial hit. Zbrush is a different kind of 3D package, & can really do without if you are not into high details characters & structures. It can do a lot of stuff, but its core is still the sculpting features.

A side scroller, cartoony game, or top down dungeon crawler could probably do without Zbrush. but having said that, its one of the most affordable & value for money 3D software I used. I bought it when it was version 1.2 or something, & have seen got upgrads after upgrade for free! Now its version 4.6.

This is a smack in the face for mudbox or any other Autodesk software, where they give you like 20-30% or so discount for upgrade! (I can digest paying 30% for upgrade, but not 30% discount!)
Games made with Unity:

Mini Metro:


Deep Under The Sky:

The Forest:

Dreamfall Chapters Reborn:

Universal Sound FX : $20

Multi-purpose high quality sound effects library containing thousands of sound effects ultimately suitable for any game genre.

Affordable royalty free sound effects for commercial games and for rapid prototyping of new ideas.

Quality and game genre coverage improves over time.Current price: $20 (price will increase to $25 with next update but updates are free for existing customers.)!/content/17256

5GB of Royalty Free Content

The library includes 87 royalty free, rigged and textured 3D characters with hundreds of facial animation and body sculpting morphs. Choose from people, skeletons and robots, to animals, insects, dinosaurs and fantasy creatures with hundreds of 3D clothing items, hair styles, pre-built poses, props, furniture and vehicles.

Smart Polygon Reduction

Reduce polygon counts in figures, individual body parts and props for interactive performance. Poser’s smart polygon reduction preserves material groups, shapes, morphs and rigging.

Figure Combining

Add clothing to your human figures and combine those elements into a new FBX ready 3D character with texture atlas that can be easily imported into your game authoring system.

Unseen Polygon Removal

Paired with Figure Combining, Unseen Polygon Removal will delete hidden polygons hidden under clothing. Select and group polygons which can then be removed to produce even lighter polygon count single figures.

Kinect for Windows®

Use your Kinect for Windows device to drive Poser biped figures, and capture animated motion right in your Poser scene. Save your motion capture sequences as animated poses in the library, or directly export them from Poser to bring into your game.

FBX® Import / Export

Poser Pro Game Dev supports full import or export of FBX data, including fully rigged and animated 3D Poser characters. Export FBX from your animated Poser scene directly to Unity or other applications that support FBX. Import a FBX content to edit, including animated figures from Mixamo Fuse.!/content/20703
Unistorm Asset:

Key Features
UniStorm is programmed in both C# and JavaScript and features over 150 customizable components, dynamic clouds, all 4 seasons, seasonal weather, photo realistic skies, gradient skies, realistic temperature system, lightning system with lightning bolts, many weather types; rain, snow, fog, and many more, a 24 hour day and night system, in-game time keeping system usable with events and quests, sun, moon, and stars system, a moon phase system with selectable phases menu, sunrises and sunsets, an adjustable sun axis; works with Unity’s fog, SSAO, HDR, and Color Correction, an easy to use but powerful editor, dynamic Sound Manager (to have dyanmic sounds playing for each time of day), dynamic precipitation, and much more. (see below for all features)

UniStorm supports custom particle effects so you can easily add them to the system.!/content/2714
I bought RPG Maker a little while ago because it sounded like an easy and intuitive way to make some quick games. Anybody have experience with the program? Also, I'm a little curious as to any commercial value games made with RPG maker can have. I guess I already know as someone who has enjoyed games on PC and Xbox Live Indie Games that look like they could have been made in RPG Maker.
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Unity 5 gets Directx 12 support:

Currently our plan is to release DirectX 12 support early in the Unity 5 cycle (well in time for the release of Windows 10), and to target standalone builds and Windows Store Apps first. Then we’ll follow up with Windows Phone and Xbox One support, aligning with the plans Microsoft has for their platforms.

Keep checking our blog for more DirectX 12 news. We should have more announcements in the next few months. In the meantime you can find more general information on the subject on the Microsoft DirectX 12 blog.

Throughout the development of Unity 5, we’ve used our Viking Village project internally as a testing ground for shading and lighting workflows.
If you’re using the Unity 5 beta, you can download the Viking Village package from the Asset Store to get insights into how you can assemble and illuminate a scene in Unity 5. We also present some of our learnings below.

In order to ensure that your texturing and shader configuration is behaving appropriately, we recommend that you use a simple scene with a variety of lighting setups. This could mean differing skyboxes, lights etc – anything that contributes to illuminating your model.

When you open Unity 5, you’ll notice that any new empty scene has a procedural sky as well as default ambient and reflection settings. This provides a suitable starting point.


For our template environment we used:

  • HDR camera rendering

  • A few scattered reflection probes (for localized reflections on objects)

  • A group of light-probes

  • A set of HDR sky-textures and materials, as well as procedural skies. The sky which ships with this project was custom-made for Unity by Bob Groothuis, author of Dutch Skies 360.

  • Off-white directional lights with matched intensity and HDR sky color
Read more here:
Downloading Unreal Engine 4, as if I need another creative distraction. I don't know, I just don't know...