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Discussion in 'Xbox Discussion' started by Plainview, Sep 11, 2013.

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  1. cyrus_atx Well-Known Member

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  2. Zcythe I'd rather be playing Killer Instinct.

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  3. A7 2014, the year of unfinished games.

    Xbox TV programming, Billy Ray?
  4. hrudey Playing tic-tac-toe in stunning 9p.

    It needs to be transparent. Since the full TOS isn't yet available, I suppose the closest we can reference is Sony's policy:
    Sharing identification with third parties to verify identities and stuff is nothing new, and honestly I'm surprised MS hadn't already started this and/or updated their TOS prior.
  5. Yossarian You're all crazy

    Story says independently sourced, not just insider rumours from one of the thousands of people who work in the industry, who happens to post at GAF.
  6. MosquitoSmasher Well-Known Member

  7. Cody32599 Well-Known Member

  8. A7 2014, the year of unfinished games.

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  9. Cody32599 Well-Known Member

    Dude was posting on neogaf as he was writing the story.........thats just the truthfact of it.
  10. Soldier Gryphon Well-Known Member

    They're all calling him a liar and a MS shill of course.

    They don't accept anyone's tweet unless they came from Sony employees.

    The bias of that forum is so overwhelmingly clear it's not even funny. NeoGaf's credibility dies with every ounce of FUD they spread based on nothing but hate for Xbox.
  11. Mynd New Member

    Regarding the OS thing they had no source that could back up the Dodd's rumor.

  12. theBADguy Well-Known Member

    You're kidding. Unfortunately most post like that are 100% serious.
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  13. cyrus_atx Well-Known Member

  14. Sheep Shagger Well-Known Member

    I love how the title and most of the content points at only the X1 having problems, then at the end they tag on "Sony is rumored to be having similar issues". This crap could not be more biased.

    I really do hope MS comes out at launch (when it matters) and just crushes all of this. I won't go so far as to say I hope Sony has problems, because those guys deserve a good machine too - even if many of them are the root of all this crap we are currently enduring.
  15. mb1025 Well-Known Member

    These things are so over blown it isn't even funny. All these problems for the XB1 (if there is any) and the PS4 (needs a patch on day 1 to pretty much make the OS function) are standard problems at launch for a console. The difference between now and in 2005 is the internet is much bigger and news (real or fake) travels fast.

    Remember when all XB1 games were 6 months behind in development? If this rumor was true it looks like they all hit their deadline outside of Kinect Sports. So in hindsight there was never a reason to worry. All that rumor did was make the perception that Microsoft was behind and not ready.

    Non of this should be an issue until you buy the box and it either works or it doesn't. People on GAF are all joking around and being children over an OS that doesn't need to be functional until you turn on your system. Yet they are bashing MS over the OS and XBL when a weeks worth of overtime can fix it all.
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  16. Zcythe I'd rather be playing Killer Instinct.



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  17. MosquitoSmasher Well-Known Member

    I must applaud MS people on doing a good job. That dude that kept b****ing like a little..well...b**** about that OS video....Penello could have been like...meh buzz off and avoid the question. But he actually goes into detail why it cant be direct footage and all that. They seem very open about things.
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  18. Jarrod Nudie Bar

    MonsterTard 06
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  19. MosquitoSmasher Well-Known Member

  20. Jarrod Nudie Bar

    MonsterTard 06
  21. Squiggs Allons-y!

  22. MosquitoSmasher Well-Known Member

    Yes, that is a forum I visit a lot. A good forum just like this.
  23. Sheep Shagger Well-Known Member

  24. SevenDead1ySinz What's in the box?

    Seems mostly negative to me lol typical cboat fashion.

    Not sure who that guy on twitter is , but he's got a Kryton av so he's all right in my books.

    And Kotaku pulls alot of their content from GAF, if you don't think GAF is their 'sources' then Gawker has a crack video of a Canadian Mayor to sell you.
  25. MosquitoSmasher Well-Known Member

    Yeah I saw that too. Fact my ass. Who knows if all these consoles weren't made for games purpose in the first place...but will we get great looking and fun games on them? All that matters to me. If we are going to analyse every fuggin thing in this world, please shoot me now, cause I don't want to live then. There can be darkness found in pretty much anyting then.

    I found this video...the stuff about Sony wanting to do DRM after all and that the day 1 patch will remove this, wouldn't surprise me. But now CoD also 720p on PS4 due to online s***? Nah. He claims he got all this from very reliable sources...dude could be right about a few things but he;s also greatly exaggerating.

    Last edited: Oct 28, 2013
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  26. Jarrod Nudie Bar

    MonsterTard 06
    Even Gaf was calling this guy out that shows you that he is wrong.
  27. MosquitoSmasher Well-Known Member

    Of course the guy is wrong according to GAF,cause it contains plenty of negativity for PS4. That doesn't surprise me one bit. Let me guess, they don't believe the DRM bit? I do...its something that I've always thought. I saw right through that sly marketing of theirs, as if they were our...savior, truly for the gamer. Yeah...chuckle. In the end they are all a business, all about the money, they are not in it for is what it is.
  28. Mynd New Member

    As the subject of one of Gaf's "call outs" I can tell you, don't hold much too faith in the experts there.
    As for the video, yeah I have no idea how dropping a resolution for a game affects online play. That makes zero sense.
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2013
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  29. pravus Well-Known Member Cornerstone Member

    Yeah, apparently nobody can have positive news unless they also have a giant wad of MS cash in their back pocket. :laugh:

    IIRC they even called you a shill and banned you.

    Which is especially funny because it wasn't too long ago that I remember you were very opposed to purchasing an Xbox One at all.
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  30. dbled34 Baba O'Reilly

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